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  • In-Person, Virtual Work Both Necessary
    with Jacque Vilet and Tim Muma - July 15, 2014
    In our technologically advanced world, the workplace could be anywhere you would like it to be. Many welcome the opportunity to work remotely, but the extent to which it helps and hurts is difficult to gauge. Jacque Vilet, president of Vilet International, has over 20 years' experience in international human resources and she tells Tim Muma that a true balance needs to be struck between virtual work and in-person communicat...
  • Optimal Hours With Your Manager
    with Mark Murphy and Tim Muma - July 14, 2014
    You'll find that most research shows a strong correlation between an employee's success and the effectiveness of his or her manager. Mark Murphy, founder and CEO of Leadership IQ, goes a step further in analyzing the value of face time with one's manager or leader. In fact, Leadership IQ recently did their own study to figure out the optimal amount of hours people spend with their boss, and the vital nature of this time.
  • Soft Skills Leaders Need
    with Michelle Tenzyk and Tim Muma - July 8, 2014
    What makes a great leader can often be difficult to determine, though it's a subject that is often visited. While it may be evident in one's personality, there are other qualities and skills that contribute mightily. Michelle Tenzyk, president of East Tenth Group, lends Tim Muma her 25 years of business experience to lay out some of the soft skills that are necessary for success as a leader.
  • Cultural Differences and Reputation
    with Laura Hills and Tim Muma - June 27, 2014
    Diversity can mean many different things in the workplace, and sometimes co-workers don't recognize, understand or appreciate the subtle nuances across cultures. Dr. Laura Hills, president of Blue Pencil Institute, draws off her distinguished 30-year career to give Tim Muma insight into the importance of valuing and owning the differences among groups of people. In today's workforce, it's imperative to learn how other cultu...
  • Getting Along With a Younger Boss
    with Kerry Hannon and Tim Muma - June 20, 2014
    Many of our shows touch on the aspects of generational differences in the workplace, but one area of potential sensitivity occurs when a mature worker reports to a younger boss. National best-selling author, Kerry Hannon, AARP's Jobs Expert, dives into this subject that seems to be happening now more than ever. Kerry gives Tim Muma the details that make this a challenging circumstance, as well as the little (and big) things...
  • Motivating Yourself (and Others) in the Workplace
    with Jo Miller and Jenna Connour - June 18, 2014
    Motivation is one of the top job candidate qualities that many employers seek when finding talent for their companies. But with days filled with deadlines, meetings, and generally demanding schedules, it can be difficult to find energy for yourself, much less motivate your co-workers as well. We talk with Jo Miller, CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching, Inc., to learn more about being a motivating force in the workplace.
  • Signs of Culture Problems
    with Martha Hiefield and Tim Muma - June 6, 2014
    Workplace culture and the impact it has on an organization is an area of great interest. The conversation typically discuss ways a company's culture plays a positive role, but that's not always the case. Martha Hiefield, president of Possible's Seattle office, breaks down the signs of a workplace with some culture problems. She also explains to Tim Muma what larger issues these cultural issues may indicate.
  • Recognition Done Wrong
    with Barbara Milhizer and Tim Muma - May 29, 2014
    The utilization of recognition of employee performance and its effects on productivity has become a focus in the workplace. Many strategies have been tried and implemented, but one may often wonder if employers are doing it all wrong. Barbara Milhizer, a partner with PeopleResults, brings more than 15 years of experience in human resources to address this potential issue. She explains to Tim Muma why recognition goes poorly...
  • Success in the Corporate Environment
    with Alexandra Levit and Cady Chesney - May 28, 2014
    Being successful in a corporate environment can be a difficult task for those fresh out of college or new to the environment. The business tactics, office politics, and expectations of peers and managers are typically things a new employee has to figure out on his or her own – until now. Alexandra Levit, a business consultant and author of "They Don’t Teach Corporate in College," joins the show to share insightful tips and...
  • Why Multitasking is Counterproductive
    with Tamara Myles and Cady Chesney - May 23, 2014
    Multitasking is something that many of us do during the course of our day, from checking email during a meeting to texting while on a business call. However, there is a common misconception that multitasking will save you time, however, in reality, it does not. Tamara Myles joins the show to discuss why multitasking is counterproductive and share some tips on how you can stop multitasking.