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  • Managing in a Male-Dominated Industry
    with Anna Runyan and Cady Chesney - March 31, 2014
    Management comes with its own learning curve and challenges, but when you manage in a male-dominated industry, it’s a whole new ball game. Host Cady Chesney is joined by leadership coach and founder of the Classy Career Girl blog, Anna Runyan, as they dig deep into the challenges that a manager may face while managing a male-dominated team, and discover tips and suggestions for how to be an effective manager.
  • Remote Workforce: Factors to Consider Before Switching
    with Craig Bryant and Tim Muma - March 28, 2014
    Technology, efficiency and flexibility are all coming together to entice employers to move to a remote workforce. Of course, many individuals welcome the opportunity to work from elsewhere and have some autonomy. Craig Bryant, founder and product manager for Kin HR, gives Tim Muma and the employers listening some tips on what to think about before making the switch to a remote workforce.
  • Leadership Keys From General George Patton
    with Rhett Power and Tim Muma - March 27, 2014
    United States Army General George Patton has often been lauded as one of the greatest leaders in history. He stood by certain principles and strategies that made him an effective and successful leader. Business advisor Rhett Power, Co-Founder of Wild Creations, joins Tim Muma to breakdown some of the guidelines Patton followed to be a terrific leader and how we can take that into the current workforce. If these were good en...
  • Emotional Savvy
    with Janine Moon and Tim Muma - February 28, 2014
    While employers will always focus on the skills and experience an individual brings to the table, emotional savvy has garnered more attention and seen as an important factor in success. Janine Moon, a Master Certified Career Coach, discusses what emotional savvy entails and why it's important. She also gives Tim Muma some examples of how individuals can improve in this area and improve their career or business.
  • Sourcing Lessons
    with Kelly Dingee and Tim Muma - February 23, 2014
    Finding and evaluating talent for employers has become a unique challenge as individuals can find all the information they've ever wanted about potential employees. Kelly Dingee, a Strategic Recruiting Manager for Staffing Advisors, leads the research team and has more than a decade of sourcing experience. Kelly tells Tim Muma about the key areas to focus on, what doesn't work in the initial stages, and how those looking to...
  • Positives of Emotion at Work
    with Chrissy Scivicque and Tim Muma - February 17, 2014
    Most of the time, we hear that emotions are often an extra obstacle to success at work. Whether it's excitement, fear, frustration or sadness, those emotions could affect individuals from making sound, logical decisions. Chrissy Scivicque, a certified career coach and experience corporate trainer, argues that emotions can actually have a positive influence at work. She stresses they must be used appropriately and gives Tim...
  • Sparking Employee Passion
    with Lee J. Colan and Tim Muma - February 13, 2014
    Many experts say all humans have basic needs to succeed in the workplace, and sometimes it's up to the manager to meet those in order to get peak performance. Lee J. Colan, an advisor and co-founder of The L Group, talks to Tim Muma about the ways leaders can help create an emotional connection for their employees. He discusses a number of key factors with some specific examples you can use.
  • Keys to Persuasive Speaking
    with Sims Wyeth and Tim Muma - February 3, 2014
    Public speaking tends to be a point of great anxiety for many individuals, but it could be a reality for some in their workplace. Whether you're leading a conference, pitching an idea or describing one's organization, persuasive speaking is a valuable skill. Sims Wyeth, president of Sims Wyeth and Co., focuses on helping individuals hone their abilities in this area. Now he talks to Tim Muma about the best way to effectivel...
  • Narcissism in the Workplace
    with Tim Sackett and Tim Muma - January 30, 2014
    With social media taking the lead, narcissism has become a rather big part of our current society. It's also making an impact in the workplace and how people think and perform. Tim Sackett brings his 20 years of human resources and recruiting experience to give managers and employers advice and strategies on how to lead a generation with a very different perspective on their employment.
  • Golden Handcuffs: Career Stagnation
    with Marney Reid and Cady Chesney - January 22, 2014
    After years of hard work and dedication the expectation for a career is to continue progressing upwards, but that doesn't always happen and careers stagnate. "Golden handcuffs" trap professionals in a place where they don't want to give up everything they've worked for, but they aren't thriving where they're at. Cady Chesney sits down with Marney Reid, founder of My Golden Handcuffs and Stilettos on the Glass Ceiling, to le...