Organizing Your Day
Organizing Your Day

Is everything really that important? Sometimes it may feel that way whenweighed down with both work and family life. The hardest part when this happens is to determine what is the real priority, and what tasks can be relegated to a later time. Unfortunately, when you reach a point where everything seems like a fire drill, this is usually when you may already feel overwhelmed.

So how do you determine what projects take priority over others? Below are some tips you can employ to determine – at least on the work–front, what should be moved to the top of the priority list, and what can be saved for a later time or date.

Organize your workload. The best approach in determining a priority over a non–priority is organization. If your work project has an immediate deadline – as in today, this should be at the top of your daily to–do list. Those that do not require immediate attention should be set aside and labeled a non–priority for the day.

Create a daily to–do listKeeping your immediate deadlines in mind, further organize your projects into a daily "to–do" list. Everything else should be set aside for another day.

Set deadlines. Assign each project – or component of each project, a deadline. Do not take on a project that has a longer–lead time over one that has an immediate need. As you map out deadlines for each project you may also want to consider the time each project will take. This will better help you prioritize and effectively stay on course.

Delegate, delegate, delegate. Being productive during your work–day is important, but if it means you cannot be successful because you have too many tasks on your plate, now is the time to delegate.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If your to–do–list looks like it is going to make you crazy and you will never get anything done, this may be the time to ask for assistance. This could mean requesting extra time to complete a project from your boss, or asking a co–worker to assist. The key to executing any strategy effectively, whether at work or home, is to create balance. Don’t be afraid, ever, to ask for assistance when needed.